About the Higher Education Sprout Project

The aim of the Higher Education Sprout Project (HESP) of Tunghai University is to cultivate talent in accordance with the University's strategic plan by way of using the following four strategies: enhanced liberal arts education, specialized programs for interdisciplinary studies, an innovative learning ecosystem, and social innovation praxis. HESP awakens students’ desire to learn and expand their global vision. With liberal arts education at its core, the project emphasizes language skills, general education, logic, computational thinking, and international exchange.HESP is an innovative project that, with a base of developing academic affairs, links existing student learning issues with future social and industrial needs. Beyond professional skills, we hope to nourish students’ general liberal arts education and interdisciplinary learning abilities, thus allowing students to have the skills to recognize, confront, and resolve key social issues of the future. The images below describe the pillars and core concepts of HESP.


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Latest News


New Courses on Computational Thinking and Programming Languages Offered in the Academic Year 2018-2019 — Register Now and Unleash Your Brain Power!

Our school has restarted the plan of offering Computational Thinking and Programming Language courses in the academic year 2018!

English Language Center Presents New Sophomore English for Non-Majors Pilot Course

Students who wish to enhance their communication skills in English are welcome to register for this experimental course module!

THU Launches Cross-Disciplinary Credit Program in Innovative Technology and Arts

【A New Direction in Crossing Boundaries】 For students from e […]

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